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Reduce your attack surface

Cost effective additional layers of cybersecurity Designed for micro, SMB and mid-sized businesses.

Since COVID and the introduction of generative AI, hackers have become much more aggressive and successful at targeting micro and small businesses with automated bots. These attacks are relentless, 24/7 and can be devasting. Anti-Virus (AV), NGAV and EDR are simply no longer enough.

  • Up to 86% of cybercrime is now bot related.
  • Up to 60% of breaches use known vulnerabilities to breach and find your data.
  • One of the biggest threats is AI generated UNKNOWN malware that traditional AV, NGAV and EDR products often fail to detect.
  • It is now a requirement & recommendation for most cyber insurance policies.
  • Our goal is to help small and medium sized business better protect their organisation from these new age cyber-attacks by leveraging Modern Breach Minimisation technologies.

Breach Minimisation – Reducing the RISK of a breach

What is the value of your data?

Most small businesses don’t know how much private and regulated data they have, where it is located or its value. We tell you so you can make informed decisions.

How easy are you to breach?

Application vulnerabilities are like doors and windows left wide open that a hacker or automated bot can and walk through to infect your business. We help you close them to keep hackers out.

How do you stop UNKNOWN and AI generated malware?

‘Old school’ traditional Anti-Virus (AV), NGAV and EDR products still rely on detecting known bad malware. If you were a hacker, would you use known or unknown malware to breach your victims?

Understand the value of your data with Actifile

  • Data Privacy designed for micro, small and medium sized businesses.
  • Software only: staring from $6.30 AUD Inc GST Per month / Per PC

Data Risk Discovery

Every micro, small and medium business has private, sensitive, and regulated data – they just don’t know it. If that data is stolen – it can result in a loss of reputation, and potentially government penalties. This is now cost effective, even for a micro business with just 1 or 2 PC’s.

Why Understanding Your Data Risk is Critical

When you take out home content insurance, you do an ‘audit’ of your valuables and then insure your valuables. Your data is the most important asset in your business, yet most businesses are not aware of its value if it is stolen – we help you discover, quantity and put a value on it.

Hackers Want Your data

Hackers and automated bots want to cause disruption. They want to find your data, steal it, and encrypt it. The more disruption they cause, the more you will pay. Small businesses simply can’t afford ‘enterprise’ class protection – we can help with new High Value and Low-Cost solutions.

We Make Your Private Data Useless to a Hacker

Once we have discovered, quantified, classified your private data, we monitor it and even place a risk value on it. As your data becomes old and stale, we can optionally then automatically secure it, so that even if a hacker steals it, it is useless to them

Cyber Defenses need to be 24/7

  • Endpoint Protection (EEP) (Advanced AV) starting from $7.50 AUD Inc GST Per PC / Per Month
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) starting from $9.16 AUD Inc GST Per PC / Per Month
  • Extended detection and response (XDR) starting from $16.66 AUD Inc GST Per PC / Per Month
Xcitium Endpoint Protection

Attacks are 24/7

The new and modern threats are often bot driven, and hence they are constantly looking at gaps in your businesses that they can crawl through to find your data and try to steal it. Your cyber defenses also now need to be 24/7 to reduce the risk of a breach at 1am. 24/7 threat hunting with remediation is critical, even for small business with just a handful of PCs.


Small and micro business typically have small and micro budgets. We can now deliver enterprise grade 24/7 threat hunting service starting from just $9.16 AUD Inc GST Per PC / Per Month (excludes deployment cost).

Includes ZeroDwell Technology

Our partner Xcitium is the global leader in ZeroDwell Containment technology that Isolates, Contains and Examines UNKNOWN malware before it causes damage. This industry unique technology delivers unprecedented protection of your endpoints. We leverage their Cybersecurity Experts to provide an extension to our cybersecurity skills and 24/7 threat hunting for our customers.

Let us help you secure your business with our Cyber Security Solutions.

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    Posted by Jason Shico