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Cyber Security and Safety Workshop Case Study


We delivered an in-person Cyber Security & Safety workshop to the Rotary Club (Preston Chapter) back in 2023. We focused on SMS scams and Email Phishing scams while emphasising the importance of “when in doubt throw it out!”


As the internet becomes an integral part of daily life, senior citizens are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. Despite being the fastest-growing group of internet users globally, many seniors lack sufficient digital literacy and awareness of cybersecurity best practices. 

Consequently, they often fall victim to online scams, phishing attempts, and other cyber attacks. 

Within the last decade, there has been a significant increase in Internet usage among senior citizens.

90% of cyber crime / attacks are successful due to human error. 

The challenge lies in bridging this knowledge gap and empowering seniors with the necessary skills to protect themselves online.


Is to empower individuals, organisations, small business, not for profit, community groups & seniors to become cyber aware and increase their awareness of growing cyber threats & risks and to help solve them with our guidance.



  • The workshop was for a 4 hour session including breaks.
  • We delivered in-person with a group of at least 14 attendees.
  • We engaged in role play scenarios.
  • We engaged with quiz questions.
  • We engaged with videos and slides.


Our core modules we delivered were: 

  • What is Cyber Security and Safety
  • Cyber Crime Statistics
  • Cyber Security & Awareness Terms
  • Responding to scams
  • Prevention techniques
  • Endpoint Protection


“In our busy and fulfilling Rotary year, we had the privilege of hosting DigiCloud for a Cyber Security & Safety workshop. Jason & Michael from DigiCloud, emphasized the importance of vigilance against cyber attacks. The workshop provided valuable insights to senior citizens and organisations on how to stay alert and protect themselves. DigiCloud’s training and advice were instrumental in enhancing our understanding of cyber threats and the necessary software to counter them.”




  • Attendees significantly increased their cyber resilience and awareness which led to better security practices as an individual and within the organisation. 
  • Attendees participation was very high and active in which 100% of attendees engaged and participated in role plays and quizzes.
  • Attendees incident response time was high and enhanced and was measured by how quickly the participants responded to a simulated cyber threat role play incident. 
  • Some attendees reduced vulnerabilities by ensuring that they are protected with at a minimum, Anti-Virus software. Whereas post-workshop, some have engaged us to implement a more advanced Endpoint protection and a backup solution.


  • We have monitored participants behaviour post-workshop and there are a high number of attendees following best practices, for example: 
  • Most attendees have an existing basic Antivirus software suite, however they are more aware of enhancing their protection by way of implementing sophisticated Endpoint protection software such as Xcitium which is recommended by DigiCloud.
  • Attendees are more cautious about phishing emails & SMS’s.
  • Attendees are using stronger passwords.
  • Attendees are enhancing their security by enabling 2FA on their apps. 
  • Some attendees have enhanced their awareness of a backup solutions and the need to implement a solution.
  • Some attendees have enhanced their awareness of VPN software such as NordVPN and how it can benefit as an extra layer of security to protect their data. 

Reviews & feedback & conclusion

  • Post workshop, we engaged in a survey. Our survey consisted of follow up questions around the content that was delivered.
  • The survey also included feedback questions on our performance which we used to measure.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is essential in our rapidly expanding digital age. Cyber threats are serious and can lead to devastating consequences. To protect yourself and your digital systems, consider developing strong password policies, securing your network, and being aware of suspicious emails or links. By staying informed and proactive, we can collectively enhance our digital safety and contribute to a more secure online environment.

Educating the Rotary Club members about these best practices will empower them to safeguard their digital world effectively!