2012 to 2024
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Lightspeed Series X & Magento eCommerce integration

Back in 2012 we identified a gap in the market when it came to integrations with Lightspeed Series X (Vend) and Magento eCommerce (Adobe).

At the time, Magento was our preferred e-Commerce platform for our customers.

As a preferred partner of Lightspeed, our customers with Magento sites had no way to link their Lightspeed POS with their webstore thus creating more manual work to have inventory and sales synced across both platforms.

So, we developed a custom web app to integrate Lightspeed Series X and Magento eCommerce to help customers in need of integrating their Lightspeed POS with their Magento webstore and help streamline their business operations to save time and money on manual data entry.

How it Worked

In a nutshell, the integration was intended to have Lightspeed Series X as the master product list.

All product edits in terms of Product title, description, price, sku etc etc were to be managed in Lightspeed. In addition to that, the inventory levels would be in sync across both platforms.

On the flip side, all sales that had been captured online also posted to Lightspeed Series X.


“Flower child found the setup easy, and as it’s hosted, no software to install, configure or maintain. Support has also been excellent and extremely responsive.

– Salena Knight – Flower Child

“Now as we see stock levels in real time we can order products before they run out. Online store stock levels are also correct so when customer orders a product, customer can be sure that the product is in stock. No more overselling and sending email back and forth. Now it works like a dream.

– Kalastus ja vapaa-aika – Wirginia Ltd

Our Partners

Process & Results

DigiCloud employs Agile development methodology to create custom web apps and seamless integrations. Our approach prioritizes collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement, ensuring efficient delivery of working software in short increments known as sprints.

Over the course of 12 years operating this app, we have had over 200+ customers running superb Magento websites and running Lightspeed POS instore. 

Our response times on technical issues were measured and mostly responded to within a 8 hour period. 

We utalised help desk support software as such Zendesk to help manage and maintain our support.

In addition, we developed an extensive Knowledge base with many how to articles and tips and tricks on using Lightspeed and Magneto.

As many great things come to an end, Magento stopped supporting versions 1. x (EOL) back in June 2020 in terms of security patches and updates. 

As many of our legacy customers transitioned to other eCommerce platforms due to this, we decided to sunset our product in April 2024. 

We thank our customers over the years for it has been a wonderful journey.

– Jason Shico & the team at
(The original Lightspeed Series X (Vend) & Adobe Magento eCommerce integration).