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Managed detection and response (MDR)

A Full Service MDR Security Platform

Exceeds traditional MDR solutions with comprehensive expert management, and pre-emptive integrated ZeroDwell Containment. forensics, free IR, and proactive Managed Detection and Response security profile hardening.

No More Alert Fatigue; Full Context Visibility

Xcitium MDR's ZeroDwell Containment eliminates alert fatigue because it only generates actionable alerts. No more aggregating, correlating, and contextualizing alerts. Your security team is no longer chasing false positives.

Manages & Reduces Security Complexity

Integrated Detection-less + MDR Detection-based technologies for 24/7/365 continuous MDR monitoring, fast SLAs, and short MTTR: we are the fastest, most efficient, most cost-conscious MDR in the industry.

Seasoned Security Experts; Superior Threat Hunting

The Xcitium Complete XMDR team is a global team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in incident handling and response, forensic analysis, SOC analysis, identity protection, threat hunting, and IT administration.

Immediate Time to Value & Reduced TCO

Operational ease, built-in integrations across the entire MDR security tech stack: deep visibility, real-time context, automated virtualization + detection and Managed Detection and Response, only actionable alerts/no alert fatigue = boldly-reduced TCO.

Critical Business Values and Advantages, and a No-Fee IR

Our Managed Detection and Response ( MDR ) provides real-time monitoring, alerting, aggregating, and reporting of suspicious activity integrated with telemetry sensor data for MDR endpoints, MDR networks, and clouds.